The New News :: Vol. III

Hi friends! It's that time again. The time of the month where I take a few minutes to update you on the newsiest of news. The latest, the greatest, and the even the moderately lame events of everyday life around here. Without further ado...

** I wrote our June rent check for one dollar less than our rent amount. First off, what was I thinking? Secondly, the matter was made worse when a flaming orange deficient funds notice was taped to the outside of our front door. Thirdly, I dropped off a dollar, in an envelope with an apology letter, into the after hours rent deposit box only to get a call this morning saying the leasing office cannot accept cash. So today, for the first time ever, I wrote a check for one dollar. The leasing agent and I exchanged a few awkward laughs when I turned in the check but I soon left for home happy the uncomfortable situation was over. False. Twenty minutes later I received another call from the leasing office asking me to return for my one dollar in cash. You remember, the dollar bill they couldn't accept. Oh my gawd. You can see why this is newsworthy. And embarrassing.

** Conway is taking up the majority of our lives and we're more than happy allowing it to happen. I cannot fully back the science behind this theory but I'm fairly certain I experienced a shift in hormones after bringing Connie home. I'm strangely emotional, extra needy, and I use puppy talk when speaking with strangers. Case in point, yesterday I cooed at the neighbor.

** I can't stop eating Greek yogurt. It's high in protein, low in sugar, and free of fat. It's a godsend for my constant feelings of Ineedsomethingfatteninganddeliciousrightnow. If anyone tells me anything bad about my guiltless indulgence, I will personally hunt you down. Please, let me have this one thing.

** We just discovered Trader Joe's mini hamburger buns. I have a small, minor, extra slight (read enormous) love for all things miniature. Mini m&m's, bite sized cupcakes, teaspoon sized serving bowls, 8oz coffee drinks. If it's significantly smaller than the original version you can bet I'm a fan. Anyway, mini hamburger buns. They're the reason we ate pulled pork sliders three times this week. So.Much.Fun.

** Colton and I are in the middle of trying to find a church here in Orange County and, ugh, the thought alone is nauseating. I thought we were pretty flexible as far as what we were looking for but as it turns out church shopping is not for the faint of heart. The first service we tried was too churchy, the second was a previously recorded sermon shown on a video feed (whaa?!), the third was, uh, le boring, and the fourth? Surprisingly we both thought the fourth was pretty solid. That is until we were railroaded upon leaving and asked to take a giant green gift bag with bows on it. They mineaswell have given us a flashing neon sign reading PLEASE! STARE AT US AWKWARDLY AS WE LEAVE BECAUSE WE? WE'RE NEW HERE. Jesus, I'm begging you. Help us.

And on that note, the last four weeks of my life are pretty well summed up. Aside from that part I left out about accidentally breaking the kitchen plumping after dumping an entire pot of cooked rice down the disposal. That's the type of thing I find relatively unimportant.

Happy Wednesday,