Marvimon House :: LA Wedding Photography

A few weeks ago my dear friend Em asked if I could help her out with a wedding. I gladly obliged knowing that second shooting for Emily would likely be less work than play. But when she told me the couple would be getting married at the Marvimon House in Los Angeles, I made it very clear that Emily was not allowed to find anyone else to shoot with. I've known about the Marvimon for quite awhile and it's always been one of those venues I would give my right arm to shoot at. It's quaint and lovely and beautiful and truly everything a wedding venue should be. I couldn't have been any more thrilled to photograph my first Californian wedding at the house. And shooting the day with such a close friend was simply the butter cream frosting on my cake. We began the afternoon at the Standard Hotel before moving to the L.A. public library for a first look.

The thing about second shooting is that it teaches one to see weddings in a new light. When I'm shooting my own weddings I have a structure and routine that I follow. It includes both a methodical way of going through the day as well as a few evil glares at Colton telling him to Get.Out.Of.My.Picture.NOW! When I second shoot for other people I'm forced to see the day unfolding from different angles and perspectives. Oftentimes I like the the pictures I take assisting more just because they're unique and new to my portfolio. Second shooting also reminds me to be nicer to my husband...

And while I would normally be bummed to miss out on quality portrait time, the Marvimon House made me extra glad to be assisting. While Emily was off with the happy couple, I had the pleasure of staying behind to capture all the stunning details of the venue (which included breathtaking florals by Dandelion Ranch) . I'm currently in search of any reason to throw a dinner party at Marvimon. Please, someone, have a baby or something.

As if there weren't already a million things to love about this day, the couple chose the most amazing caterer to feed their guests. Heirloom LA created an incredible menu and went above and beyond in their presentation. One of my favorite things about the venue is that the kitchen is open to the reception area. Guests are able to sit and mingle while watching their food be prepared. If you enjoy food as much as I do, it's pure decadence.

Andrea + Kathy, thank you for being such warm and welcoming (and ridiculously fun!) people. Your wedding was such a beautifully delightful day to be part of. And Emily, it's settled then. I'm requesting first dibs on every wedding you need an extra hand for. Really, I'm your girl.

Happy Weekend! Michelle