A Wedding in Film

I know I just wrote about my latest venture into the world of film. But yesterday I received an order back from Richard Photo Lab and I feel like I really just have to share a few. If you missed David and Allison's wedding on the blog last week, you might want to check it out. Theirs was the first wedding I've ever shot film at (though I only shot a few rolls during portraits and the reception) and I will admit I'm giddy with the result. To be completely honest, I am still very much in the exploration phase with the medium. At the risk of sounding slightly ridiculous, I'm still employing the shoot and pray method. I shoot much the same way I do digitally and then I, well, hope for the best. Every time I send an order off for development I hold my breath. And if I don't get call saying I loaded every single roll of film incorrectly, I squeal with excitement. And now that you know hard, ugly truth about my skills behind the camera, here are a few more pictures from David + Allison's gorgeous wedding.

Happy Thursday,