Small Business Saturday SALE!

In honor of today's Small Business Saturday and the giving season that's now upon us, I wanted to reward all of the amazing past and present clients with a little sale. From today until Monday night (Tuesday at midnight), I'll be offering 25% off all print, canvas, and album orders - nostringsattached. The sale is open to any past clients (and their families!) as well as allll of next year's incredible couple's. Do you know what this means?!

If you were planning on ordering an album or canvas of/for your wedding you're now able to pre-order and save yourself a few Benjamins. ChaChing.

All this because I'm proud to be a small business owner and because I LOVE SPREADING CHRISTMAS CHEER!!!

For print orders simply enter the coupon code GIVETHANKS when checking out of your online gallery. For canvas and album orders email me at michelle{at}michellecrossphotography{dot}com for more details.

Happy weekend and HAPPY SAVING!


Pretty Little Weddings : FEATURED

I guess I should have known it would happen – with a couple as ridiculously perfect as this, somebody is bound to take notice. But when Jillian wrote to ask if she could feature Kelsi + Matt’s engagement session on the gorge wedding blog, Pretty Little Weddings, I was still blown away. I do a happy dance every time I find out one of my couples is being featured. The dance is, like myself, supra awkward and extremely incriminating. But having your client’s published? I like to think that’s something to dance about. The truth is, I can’t take credit for these pictures. With Kelsi and Matt I really, really didn’t even need to be at their session. I could have left the camera on a tripod in a field and these two would have mastered the shoot with equal beauty and grace. But I’m thankful, and happy, they let me join in on the fun.

Kels + Matt, I love you both with all my heart. Way to go on wit yo bad selves being all beautiful and stuff. And Pretty Little Weddings? Well, thank you a million times over for the lovely feature!!

To view Kelsi + Matt's feature CLICK HERE!

Happy Wednesday, Michelle

A New Website!!

Eeeeeek!!!!! Oh Internet World, today is a good day! The brand new Michelle Cross Photography website just launched and I could not be anymore thrilled. If you've yet to notice, this excitement can be seen via the excessive! use! of! exclamation! points!!!!!

I highly recommend you stop what you're doing and swing by the site. And if you're up for it please do let me know how everything works. This beauty has been a long time coming (since June, actually, immediately after launching this blog) and it involved a great deal of blood, sweat and, well, crying.

I won't give too much away but I will leave you with a little eye candy to send you on your way. Happy Wednesday and HAPPY NEW WEBSITE DAY!!!!