New Collateral

I did it again. That thing where I wait at the door and stare through the peephole waiting in desperate anticipation for the FedEx man to arrive. Fiiinally he showed up, painfully later than usual, as is most commonly the case when I’m waiting for a package. You may think it sounds dull to be this excited about proof boxes and DVD cases but these are the things that make my heart sing. They’re silk cloth fabrics bound in ribbon. I can’t think of anything more perfect to house the photographs from a wedding day. If I could I would line my walls in Japanese book cloth and tie silk ribbon around every door. In the off chance I baked you something sweet I would wrap the goods in duponi and secure the treasure with a perfect satin bow. I would dress my tables and pillows and future children alike in dresses, scarves, and socks of silk cloth. And I’m only slightly kidding. Then it only makes sense, doesn’t it, that I give my truly lovely clients a product that makes my heart sing? I think it’s only right…

This is something I’m really, truly excited about. I feel passionately about couples seeing their images in print and because of this I just began offering my clients something I like to call The Proof Package. The proof package is a way for a bride and groom to see all of their final wedding day photographs in a custom, handmade silk cloth box. I think the emotional connection to a real, physical picture is far greater than that of an image on a screen. I want couples to see their photos for the first time and relive every single feeling they experienced on their special day. To me, that would be a job well done.

Happy Monday, Michelle