Eeeeek!!!! I wish I could start this post with something more, well, put together. But my insides are truly squealing with joy and I just can't think of anything more fitting to begin with than an eeeeek! of delight. This new blog has been a long time coming and it feels so incredibly wonderful to finally see it. Here. In front of me. Live. On the internet!

Ms. Kristy at Wreckless Photography & Design (formerly, Wreckless Elements) has been the most patient, kind, and forgiving designer I could EVER ask for. To be completely honest I'm the epitome of the client I would dread. I'm the type of person who rarely has any idea what she really wants. I'm the one who stands in front of the Starbucks barista for six minutes before, always, settling on a tall Americano. I'm crippled by indecision and when it finally comes time to make my choice, I choose the most simple and plain item on the menu - every time, without fail. Kristy had the patience of a saint as I revised, re-revised, and then returned to the original draft on every mock blog she designed for me. I'm actually quite impressed she stuck with me through the entire project.

...but I'm so happy she did.

Now, finally, I feel like I'm home when I stop by my blog. It's subtle, simple, and peaceful. I also think it's somewhat lovely.

While my old blog served a most wonderful purpose in my business, it was time to turn a new page. This blog represents everything I hope my photos make you feel - everything they make me feel.

And since a post without pictures is slightly boring here are a few shots from our stay in Georgetown a few weeks back. All shot on Fuji pro 400h film.

I wish I could say Colton was trying to express his inner European fashionista in the above picture. Unfortunately he just failed to pack a pair of pants. ...or a different pair of shoes. Either would have been nice in this situation.

Happy day and really, welcome.