The Blog Design Process

I thought it might be interesting to let you in on the process Kristy and I went through in designing this blog. To me it’s both comical and painful, but like anything the hard work was so beyond worth it in the end. I began by telling Kristy I wanted something clean, simple, classic, and with a flair of the romantic. Something, maybe, pink? If I were to be honest, when I received the first draft back my stomach dropped and my throat swelled – considerably. Whoever told me pink was my color was seriously mistaken. This isn’t to say I don’t love wearing or seeing or even decorating with it, but when I think of a color that is me, pink ain’t it. I oh-so-tactfully told Kristy I would prefer something a little less ‘Pepto-Bismally’ (Who actually writes that in an email?!?!), and true to form she delivered.

The second draft was considerably better but still not congruent with my vision. While I love flowers, I’m not really a frills sort of girl. Again I wanted the blog clean and simple. Kristy eventually nixed the flower completely and toyed with a couple header options before presenting a few new drafts.

While it looks so simple in this blog post, what you don’t see is the process that occurred through drafts three, four, and five. We had finally reached a point where I loved the basic design of the blog page. However, what I wasn’t sold on were the font selections. Sadly for Kristy all I knew was that the font of choice was too frilly or too slanted or too bold or too soft or too BIG or too…ugly. So email after email Kristy sent me revision after revision with something like twenty different font options (for every font on the page!). Ohhhh people in my life, you are good people for putting up with me!

Finally we found the fonts for each area of the page and the date was written perfect and the title wasn’t too bold and the categories were the correct size and all was right in the world. Truly.

Easy, right? Hardly. But quite worth it because now I have a blog that makes me happy and, by the sounds of your sweet comments on here and on Facebook, makes you happy as well. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!