I've Got the Itch :: Life

A year ago today Colton and I were roaming the streets of Paris. Tired and homesick after three weeks of of traveling through Italy and Spain, we concluded our honeymoon adventure in France's capital city with lots of coffee, lots of reading, and lots of SoMuchFoodI'mStillFull. Lately I've had the itch to get out again. To explore our beautiful world and to see places I've never seen before. If it were up to Colton and I we would live in a 6x6 storage unit and eat ramen noodles year round in order to support our need to roam. And while we've given the idea a noteworthy amount of consideration, we've concluded that meeting wedding clients at the local Extra Space Storage might be a little, well, jarring.

This afternoon, home alone and travel-sick {travel-sick being the antonym of home-sick}, I dug into the archives to find a few quick shots from our last European adventure. Colton has a few weeks off in April and I'm crossing my fingers that we'll be able to find a quick flight out of the country. The current contestants are Argentina {I lived there for awhile and I'm dying to take Colton back}, The French countryside, and a random deserted beach in Mexico. I'm thinking about running a blog contest for best vacation spot suggestions. The winner? She can hide in my suitcase and join us in April. Ready, GO!

A little bit of Rome...

...A few shots in the Vatican.

The island of Capri...

...and the streets of Paris...

...and a few last parting shots - one from Paris and one from Rome.

Happy Thursday!