Soy Sausage...

I like to call it eating well. If I say it's a diet it won't be sustainable {or healthy} and I'll get all grumpy inside - two things that completely defeat the purpose of a diet. I've been eating well lately and for the most part it's been a pretty easy ride. I drink lots of water, eat more things that are green, and add protein powder to my fruit smoothies. Easy. But I got a little ballsy a few weeks ago and thought it might be nice to mix up my morning routine with some extra protein. I bought the soy sausage thinking it would be a nice gesture and an apology of sorts to Colton for no longer keeping ice cream, chocolate, or 2% milk in the house. What I didn't realize is that for the next week the log of ground sausage style veggie protein {ewww!} would haunt me every time I opened the refrigerator door. While I thought I was being creative it turns out I was only being optimistically naive. I have no business trying to mess with the world of soy protein masquerading as meat.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what I'm supposed to do with this stuff, I'll gladly take them all. I would have thrown the entire lot of it out had Colton not insisted we use it for breakfast yesterday. I'm learning...but I'm also taking baby steps.

Happy Monday,


{P.S. I just bought Skinny Cows. I think they'll be a better compromise than soy sausage. They even come with a name that's motivating!}