My Daily Struggles :: Life

I really, really just don't think I can do it. Here we are, the first day of the second month of the year, and I've yet to actually put pen to paper. Sadly it's something I do quite often. I buy pretty, shiny, wonderful new things and refuse to de-tag them for fear of making them any less shiny, pretty, or wonderful. At the end of last year I found the most fabulous 2011 daily planner. Made from brown bonded leather and thick ivory paper, her pages were bordered in gold plating and the index included a beautiful display of world maps. Essentially she's an exact replica of my bible in calendar form. But for the life of me I cannot bring myself to write on her pages. For one, I'm type of person completely incapable of writing in pencil. What may look nice in a charcoal shade of gray always, without fail, looks pathetic once the side of my hand insists upon smearing the lead footprint across the entire page length - and the next. But using pen presents a challenge of its own in that everything I write is, well, written in ink. Forever.

So today I face a fiery battle. My spring + summer schedules are filling up at a daily rate and yet the universe seems to be begging me not to ruin the gold plated leather book that is my planner. What do I do, friends?! The conflict raging in my mind is unbearable yet I fear that if I don't start writing my 2011 appointments down now I'll be setting a precedent that can never be broken.

Seriously, people. My life? It's SO HARD!