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It's been one of those weeks like passes like a jar's last drop of molasses. Given the fact that I loathe molasses it's fair to say that the longevity of the past five days has been brutal. If this week were a person it would be a mix between the professor who thinks his microbiology lecture is the most important sixty five minutes on the planet, and the annoying kid with glasses sitting in the front row who extends said professors lecture by asking questions every thirty four seconds. I'm not even kidding when I say that this week would be the ugliest of ugly people. In light of  the week, I did make some changes to my website that make me an extra happy girl. Over the past few months I've listened to your suggestions and requests regarding the Michelle Cross Photography site and I've decided to take action. The updated website should be a little more clean, a little less busy, and a lot more pretty.

On that note, have a wonderful weekend, do something fun, and by all means, take a minute to check out the new face lift I got. I think it's nice.