Adventures with Film :: Photography

Over the past few months Colton and I have been playing around with the medium of film. We both feel that film gives images a classic and timeless feel that is often hard to duplicate in the digital world. While we are hardly ready to set aside the 5D MKII to shoot weddings old school style, we have had fun bringing the cameras along for our weekend adventures. We recently received a few rolls back from Colton's {insert sarcastic voice here} super high tech Super Sampler camera and I thought it might be fun to post a few pictures.

Colton's Super Sampler (a cheap toy camera which shoots four exposures at once) is on the right while the camera on the left is his mother's Pentax from college. I even have the uh-mazing 70s camera strap to prove it.

The following image was taken by Cole at Joe's proposal to Jill a few weeks ago. The exposure and film speed are all off and the noise in the image is only made considerably more grainy by the scan. But the composition, the subject matter, is beautiful and I think that makes it a great picture. I really couldn't ask for any more from a thirty nine dollar camera.

Have a wonderful Monday,