Cornish Game Hens + Buying Houses :: Personal

They're super easy and they only take an hour and a half to bake. That's what my mom said, anyway, when I called her from the freezer aisle after seeing a chilled window full of adorable miniature chickens. Right, Mom, I said, like I'm in any state to use the oven for more than three minutes at any time given my last situation in the kitchen.

I bought the Cornish Game Hens anyway knowing completely well that I wasn't cut out for the job. Something about their size was intriguing to me, kind of like personal pizzas are considerably cuter than the large and much the same way that miniature horses, while weird, still make me look. Despite the fact that I knew I had no ability to put anything into my oven for an hour and a half and expect to eat it afterward, I still bought the hens hoping that somehow they'd make it to a plate and look especially impressive.

I boiled, not baked, them and they looked fabulous. And this marked the single most adult thing I have ever done in my life.

Today marked the second. Colton and I, much to our excitement, just found out that we will be moving to North Carolina early next month. After a few last minute phone calls to Realtors we made the trek to our new home where we are spending the holiday weekend looking at real estate. And by real estate I mean houses, real estate just sounds exceedingly cooler...and adult-like.

I crossed the state line into North Carolina today for the second time in my entire life, yet ironically this makes me even more excited to live here. Before yesterday I had never heard of the town we'll be living in, much less what side of the state it's in, however after a wonderful tour by our extra terrific Realtor, Bob, I know more about New Bern, North Carolina than I ever thought possible. I thought it might be nice for you to know a little bit about our new home so I'm leaving you with a few morsels of knowledge while I excuse myself to celebrate my increasing number of acts of adulthood. Here are the deets;

- Nicolas Sparks lives here.

- The town celebrated it's 300th anniversary this year.

- We have a town flag. It features a stellar black bear which you can see here.

- This weekend marks the town's 30th annual mums festival. Mums, like the flower.

- Mitchell's Hardware on Polluck St. was voted the South's best hardware store by Southern Living magazine.

- Pepsi Cola was born here.

The above picture has nothing to do with this post other than the fact that I like it and it's a good representation of the casual, coffee driven weekends we enjoy. The below picture makes me feel young and kid-like, which is especially comforting when I get overwhelmed by the impending adulthood being forced upon us.

Have a wonderful weekend,