Showit Tour DC :: Photography

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Showit Freedom Tour in DC. Showit is the amazing company I get my website through and when I heard their tour bus was headed for the Capitol I was sure to get myself a seat. Because the company is committed to giving their clients a great product with great service, they chose to limit the seating to 50 people. This allowed for a more open and intimate atmosphere in which we had the freedom to ask questions and create good conversations with fellow photographers. If there's one thing I absolutely LOVE about the photography world it's the ridiculously fabulous network of other photographers. Whether we're in California or DC, we share the same common bonds of starting and owning our own creative businesses. We were lucky enough to have the day begin AND end with the incredible voice of Ms. Molly Jensen. You may have heard Molly singing on Jon Foreman's albums Winter, Spring, Fall, and Summer. If you haven't checked her out already, be sure to stop by and hear her here.

Our speakers for the evening were the Boudoir Divas, David Jay, Jim Davis-Hicks (who started the terrific non-profit organization Thirst Relief International), and the one and only Promise Tangeman. It was such an honor to hear these amazing industry leaders speak. I soaked up every last ounce of their knowledge and insight and I can't even wait to put their advice into action.

It's important to me that I never stop striving to learn. Whether it be photography, business, branding, life, or love, I want to be a woman who grows as rich in knowledge as she is old in age. Photography workshops like this are just one way for me to continue to quell this thirst for learning. I'm so thankful there are leaders in this industry (as well as every other industry out there) who are insistent upon providing outlets for those who are eager to learn.

Thank you, Showit, for one rockin' tour. You guys are really great.