New York, New York!

I vote for every Monday being a government holiday. Colton and I took advantage of the extended weekend by jetting to the Big Apple and treating ourselves to a mini vay-cay. Each time Cole and I arrive in a new place we immediately throw our bags in the room and head straight for the Metro. Depending on what time we get into town we either find a great cup of coffee or a rockin' happy hour. Our choice bears some quality time and thought because the location often serves as a home base for the remainder of our stay. On this trip to NYC we took  residence at a great independent coffee shop in SoHo (whoa, SoHo. I just sounded SO fancy). After savoring every sip of that ohmygoshbestlattesincewelivedinoregon, we took to the streets and explored our city.

Our city, because, really, who doesn't feel like New York is their own personal discovery?

If Colton and I do one thing well when we travel it is walk. When we saw Rome I couldn't believe we made it to day five with my feet still attached to my body. And when we left Paris I was slightly disappointed my legs weren't an eighth of the size they were when we arrived - we really did walk that much. If there's any way to get to know a city it's by using the Metro system and by walking - which we both do an exorbitant amount of. On this trip we arrived in the Concrete Jungle on 34th & 8th and, because refuse to ever pay for a cab, we happily walked the entire way to our hotel on the upper west side - the one on 96th street. I like to tell myself this all makes up for the ridiculous amount of food we eat while on vacation. I do feel a strange freedom when allowing the Barista to make my latte with real milk instead of skim, and I always always always make Colton eat dessert with me. Like a vacation could actually be a vacation without dessert! Pfft.

I'm posting a few pictures from our trip. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and, at the least, were able to relax and reflect upon this ridiculously wonderful country we live in. We are truly blessed.

I've been to New York before, but I've never taken the time to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. I think my favorite part of traveling with Colton is that we never ever ever ever ever make plans. We simply promise to find good coffee, take long walks, and let our feet lead us where they want to. I'm happy they led us to the Brooklyn Bridge this time.

In the off chance you're thinking I Photoshopped myself into this gold number, you would be oh-so-sorely mistaken. I sported this shirt with pride - pure, natural, unwarranted pride.

By day three our feet could only beg for mercy. The remedy? A day trip to the beach, of course!

I'm trying to get over the fact that I look exceptionally squinty  and awkward in this picture. I'm including it with the hope that one day I'll be glad to have documented Colton and I in the big city. Together.

Oh, America, your flag gets me all excited inside. This giant display across the New York Stock Exchange in conjunction with the most incredible fireworks I've EVER seen, made for one patriotic - and beautiful - weekend. A million bonus points go to Macy's for setting up five enormous barges along the Hudson river and letting Colton and I experience the amazingness that is the NYC 4th of July Fireworks Magnifico. Way cool.

Happy Monday, Happy Long Weekend, and, most importantly, Happy Fourth of July!