David & Crystal :: Newport News Wedding Photography

Welcome to July, Friends! I'm not sure what this month thinks it's doing, showing up unexpected and all, but it's here and you and I are left to figure out how to deal with it. ...Now that I've successfully personified the calendar month, let me move on to things less likely to make me sound, well, completely and utterly ridiculous.

David and Crystal were married last Saturday in Newport News. If the sun shone brutally hot it didn't come close to competing with the humidity in the air. While Jessie and I were thoroughly convinced every last drop of water in our bodies had seeped through our pores and onto the ground beneath us, Crystal managed to stay glowing and radiant throughout the entire day. Her smile was unmistakable and her joy was evident - competing only with the joy, and the smile, of David. I had the honor of shooting with Jessica Smith again and I'm so excited to show you the beautifulness we were able to experience (Beautifulness IS a word - I would know since I've been using it for years).


I can't decide who I'm more in love with - flower girl or ring bearer. They're both killllling me with cuteness.

In lieu of a wedding cake the couple opted for personal wedding tarts. I like it. I lurve it.

I fought to get these pictures. I bartered my way into convincing this painfully precious couple - the parents of the groom - that they needed, really truly neeeeded, a portrait of themselves. It was worth every minute of that barter. And then some.

Happy Thursday and really, welcome to July!