The Barrie Family

I’m not sure where to start with the Barrie family. They’re the type of people who never quite cease to bless your socks off. When you buy a house they buy you bottles of wine and gift certificates to Pottery Barn. When you join them for breakfast they buy your meal and refuse to let you pay. And when they accidently write your check for more than the portrait session fee, they absolutely positively will not take their money back. …Not that I speak from personal experience.

So when Kary wrote to see if I might be able to photograph her amazing family, I jumped on the opportunity. Any chance I have to spend with Kary and her husband (we like to call him Crazy Mike) AND the, hands down, coolest eight-year-old I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, I’ll take. These three traveled over the mountain from Portland for an afternoon of park playing and karate move showing and traipsing around Redmond’s Sam Johnson Park. And all week I’ve been smiling as I’ve had the joy of working on their photos.

And on that note, it's my pleasure to introduce you to Kary, Mike, and Ben.

Watch yourself - they'll make you smile.

See Ben jump!

See Ben run!