Her first email to me involved lots of exclamation points, excessive repeats of the same letter in words like ‘Hiiiiii’, and a few super smiley, smiley faces. This was also the exact email in which I decided that I really, really liked Amaia. This beautiful girl is about to begin her senior year at Redmond High and for one summer evening she let me traipse around Bend’s Old Mill District with my camera in hand as we documented her gorgeous smile. AND her absurdly perfect hair.

Amaia, your joy radiates through that constant smile of yours! Thank you for letting me capture this exciting season in your life. I’m so pumped to hear all about your college decisions and to see what direction to choose to take this bright, bright future of yours. Wherever you go and whatever you decide to do, I’m absolutely certain you’re going to do amazing things!

Lots of love, Michelle