Jarod + Katie

I’m not entirely sure where to begin with this post - or how to write anything, really. Jarod is my brother, my big brother. He’s the one who held my hand when the rides at the fair were too high and too scary for me to keep from crying on. He’s the one who walked ahead of me on our adventures to check for rattlesnakes. He’s the one who let me tag along to his Boy Scout meetings because I didn’t think Girl Scouts were exciting enough. He’s the one who was, without fail, always in attendance during my soccer games and ballet recitals and figure skating competitions. And between him and our brother and our dad and Colton, he’s also one of the few men I've ever loved. So naturally, I’m a bit protective of my brother.

But then there’s Katie. Katie is sweet and kind and patient and fun. Katie is one of the few people in the world who could rival both Jarod’s love for music and his love for teaching. She’s passionate, like Jarod, and quirky, so much like Jarod. She’s smart and wise and loves wine, like Jarod. She’s also the only person I know who can love Jarod the way he deserves to be loved.

Fortunately for me, Katie loves Jarod and Jarod loves Katie. And after nine years of dating, Jarod and Katie are really getting married!! Last month I flew to Boise for a few days of sibling time and delicious eating. When we weren’t enjoying the amazingness that is Boise, Jarod and Katie and I were driving around Idaho finding perfect spots for engagement photos. Allow me to show you just a few of my favorites.

Jarod and Katie took me on a cross-country tour of Idaho (but really, a cross-country tour). We drove 48 miles on a dirt road at roughly 3.2 miles per hour. I don't joke. But when we arrived in the shanty town of Atlanta, all of my younger-sister-whining subsided and I reveled in the beauty of this hidden wonder. Really. I'm ready to buy myself a cabin and stow away for the winter. Or the summer. Or maybe both.

Oh! This river? It's actually a hot spring! A real, live, running hot spring! And just like that, Idaho stole my heart forever.

Introducing the Sawtooth mountain range...

After Atlanta we made our way to the Redfish Lake Lodge in Stanley. The lake was beautiful and the view stunning, but I think Jarod and Katie are what really made the picture perfect.

On day two of the Jarod & Katie Engagement Session Extravaganza we opted to stay close to Boise and explore the Bogus Basin wilderness area. With views (and a couple) like this, I could not have been a more happy photographer. Or sister.

And finally, at the end of our adventure, we stopped by the Idaho state capitol building for a bit of epic architecture and gorgeous afternoon lighting...

...and a few dances by Ol' George.