Alan + Jessie

It was bright and cheerful, yet it was timeless and classic. It was relaxed and carefree, yet it was intricately and perfectly stitched together. Jessie and Alan managed to create a wedding day that was exactly what I hope for for all of my brides & grooms - it was perfectly them. I think the nicest compliment a couple can get on their special day is to hear that their day was a true and accurate reflection of their love and relationship and union. And as I moved through the reception and spoke with guests at The Johnson Estate earlier this month, I couldn't count on two hands the times I heard guests speak of how much the wedding before them emulated Jessie & Alan's love for life and beauty and each other. Mr. & Mrs. Dale, thank you for asking me to capture your love. I've been looking forward to your wedding since your engagement session last February. Your style is so classic and your joy so contagious, but really it's your love that's truly captivating. Thank you for inviting me to your epic party and asking me to stay and dance a little. And thank you for being you - beautiful, kind, hilarious you. I think you're both pretty great.

Lots of love, M.

If I could sum up everything that is beautiful about a First Look, it would be this image.

Jessie, you are stunning...

A sweet ceremony beneath a few towering pines.

Alan and Jessie met in an art class. So they thought it only fitting to include a little touch of their roots in their wedding day. As favors for their guests they took the time to hand spin clay mugs for every single person!