Shawn & Jill

It all started with a blind date. And prom. Jill's friend was dating Shawn's friend and when both said friends discovered Jill & Shawn's apparent lack of dates to the high school prom, they seemed to have the perfect solution. What could have been brutally awkward and slightly uncomfortable, turned into one of the most unexpectedly fun dates of their lives. That night Jill and Shawn danced. And a few days later they dated. And after a few years they decided that they'd be happy to continue doing more dancing and dating for the rest of their lives.

Jill and Shawn, I'm so excited for your wedding this August! From our short time traipsing around Smith Rock State park I can already tell I really, really like you. Your witty comments resonate with me and your personalities are I feel like we could talk about anything and somehow you'd both find a way to make it absolutely hilarious.

And funny a bride & groom?! Well, it just may be one of my more favorite things.

Thanks for being so great, Michelle

Oh! I love this!