Amrit Sadhana

Let me preface by saying that people like Amrit Sadhana don't come around every day. Aside from being an absolute joy (really, she takes the words sweet and kind and wonderful to a whole new level), she is one of the more photogenic people I've ever met. I will say I haven't had much of any experience with bad picture takers - everyone that gets in front of my camera seems to be ridiculously gorgeous and a breeze to photograph. But Amrit Sadhana? She was a real, real breeze. In need of new head shots for a, wait for it, upcoming opera she's the Lead in!?!, we spent the morning in San Juan Capistrano's historic district. The day was beautiful, the girl was stunning, and the soft dewy light made me swoon.

Now, if only every morning could start this way I'd be in heaven!

Seriously? Seeeeriously?! This isn't even fair.

Happy Weekend, Michelle