Kelsi & Matt : Destin, Florida

It was hardly a one day affair. In fact, it didn't come close to the expected afternoon ceremony and evening reception. With family and friends traveling from London, Wales, Oregon, and Oklahoma (and Matt himself making the journey from Australia), Kelsi and Matt thought it best to make their wedding an extended celebration. Over the course of one week both families (from grandparents to seven month twins) stayed in the same three story Destin, Florida beach house. They shared meals and kitchens and couches and bathrooms and even fought over equal sharing of baby cuddles. So by the time Kelsi & Matt said their vows and kissed to forever, the day was really more of a marriage of two families. The Cross's promised to jump the pond and visit the Brit's in Wales, while Matt's family happily agreed to do the same in Oregon. It was kind of exactly how every wedding, and marriage, should be.

Kelsi & Matt, ohhhh Kels & Matty. I really, really love you. If I write too much more I'll start crying. I'll really do it, right here, in front of the whole world! But know that I'm so wildly happy for you. You two could not be more perfectly made for each other and I feel like our little family is finally complete...

That is until you want to get started on those British-Aussie-American babies of yours. 

Lovelovelove, M.