Stephen & Ariel

It was supposed to be a Christmas party for the nursing students. A nice evening, among friends, with an open bar. But when the medical students heard news of the aforementioned open bar, the party soon became a nursing school Christmas event crashed by Vanderbilt School of Medicine's finest. And as the evening came to an end and the after parties were sure to begin, Stephen smoothly demanded Ariel's number... 'Just in case our groups are separated'.

And when a first date, complete with good food, good company, and extra good dancing, happened just a few weeks later, both parties knew this love was for real.

This year Stephen crashed another Christmas party. After flying to Houston to whisk Ariel away from her hospital's Christmas party, he took her on yet another date (no doubt with good food and good company). And when dinner was over and the couple returned to Ariel's apartment, Stephen found himself on bended knee with a diamond ring - asking Ariel if she wouldn't mind spending forever with him.

Stephen and Ariel, thank you for trusting me with your pictures and thank you for being absolutely gorgeous. You're a real dream and I cannot wait for your delightfully Southern, Nashville wedding this summer.

It may be a little premature, but I've got my boots ready.

All my love, Michelle

Meet the third member of Stephen & Ariel's family, Oliver. I think he'd be bffff's with Conway.

Le sigh.

Hellloooo gorgeous mountains.

A little dancing...

...and one last walk into the sunset.