My New Wheels

"Hypothetically" he began, a word I know means absolutely anything but the hypothetical. "Would you be upset if I..." he paused in search of the right words."Yes?!" I responded "Well, uh, if I, maybe..." "What is it?!" My interest peaked by this point. "See...would you be mad if I made an offer on a car? For you? A, uh, 1978 Mercedes. ...And they took the offer?!"

We'd been looking for a new (read actually pretty old) car for awhile. We knew we wanted something classic, timeless. Something that had been around forever and wouldn't go out of style, well, ever. But this was unexpected. Colton ran to the store for a few quick items and came back with more than he anticipated. Shampoo, lettuce, a car. Just the usual.

And here she is, our newest addition. She's old, and teal, and seems to have a million stories to tell. We're just getting to know each other but I'll keep you posted on how the relationship goes. I have a feeling we're going to get along just fine.