The Classics :: Vol. I

I tend to think that in the world of photography there are pictures and there are photographs. Pictures are great because they help to tell a story and give detail about a specific event. They're informative, crucial to the overall look of the wedding portfolio, and closely interwoven with other pictures. Photographs, on the other hand, are the story themselves. They're the soul. They need no explanation and they do exceptionally well standing alone, apart from any other image. They're timeless, well composed, and, well, classic. I'm extremely excited to be starting a new blog series appropriately titled, 'The Classics'. At one photo per post these images won't need much of a description. They're the photographs I want to take more of and the images I want my portfolio to be comprised of. Without further introduction here is the first classic photograph - an image taken last September at a wedding I shot with Ms. Jessie Smith.

Happy Wednesday,