UPDATE* :: Christmas Cheer

Last week I wrote about our one lone Christmas decoration. This week I'm proud to say we've gone extra festive and brought ourselves home one fancy Douglas fir. In a completely impulsive moment of...complete impulsiveness, I decided I needed a Christmas tree. While we'll be spending our holiday in Oregon {insert ridiculous shriek of excitement here}, I realized it was nearly impossible to make a home feel warm and cozy without a fragrant living evergreen in the room. So here she is. Our first Christmas tree. I wanted to name her but Colton frowned upon the idea. He knew I'd come up with something {genius} like Beautiful or Perfect or Best Tree Ever.

Growing up my mom always managed to make our tree look like a Pottery Barn window display. This year our tree is adorned with, among other things, my childhood collection of ice skating ornaments. No joke, I collected everything...even figure skating tree decor.

Merry Christmas!