Looking for Inspiration :: Photography

Lately I've been feeling a little frustrated with my lack of inspiration. When I'm not working on my own photos, my days are spent turning the proverbial pages of wedding style blogs and the websites of other photographers. While I could no doubt spend hours perusing online galleries of letterpress stationary, at a certain point everything begins to look the same. Wedding A looks identical to Wedding B which is an exact replica of Weddings X,Y, and Z. At times this can frustrating to a creative mind that so badly wants to capture photographs unique and specific to each beautifully special couple I have the honor of shooting. Yesterday I solved this mental road block with a two hour mid-morning walk on the beach, but today the walk wouldn't cut it. I returned to my desk and stared blankly at the computer at a complete loss for what to do. A few days ago I picked up a {wonderful} new bulletin board for my work space. It's made of woven tweed and bordered with brass upholstery nails. The board was still empty and desperately needed something stimulating to christen it. I spent thirty minutes jotting down my goals for the next six months before tacking the torn out piece of steno paper to the board. Instead of being a list of things I now must find a way to accomplish, it's a list of what my future holds. The brightness that, somehow, I'll give my everything to make happen.

Sometimes the only inspiration we need is our hope for the future.

{And on that note, is anyone up for a last minute trip to Capri? I'm feeling the urge to dive into these perfect blue waters. Asap}

Have a wonderful weekend,