My Favorite Things :: Personal

Sometime between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning someone broke into the house and stole my attention span. I know I should probably be arrested for that not-even-chuckle-worthy joke, but in all seriousness I'm offering a hefty reward for anyone who can tell me why it's been so hard to focus this week. It might be the fact that I finally bought our tickets home for Christmas or that every commercial on TV involves holiday tunes and snow covered trees. Whatever the reason, I've had such a hard time crossing items off my to-do list that today, instead of editing pictures, I decided to make a list of my {latest} favorite things. At first I had the idea of making my Christmas wish list, but after feeling like a small child with a stomach ache from eating too much candy, I decided I should keep my blatant internet begging to a minimum.

1. BlingBling! I'm mildly obsessed with oversized, over bejeweled, finger ornaments. This totally fabulous ring from Banana Republic definitely makes the list of things I love.

2. I saw these in a window display a few weeks ago and I immediately bee-lined it across the mall's Santa extravaganza to get my dirty little paws on these puppies. I'll admit that if anyone actually gets me one I'm going to be upset as it goes against everything I believe in to spend so much on a throw pillow. But these cashmere pillows immediately turned me into a soppy puddle of mush on the perfectly stained concrete floors of Restoration Hardware. I'm on the hunt for a friend who has these. I'm never going to leave your couch.

3. Oh, Mad Men, you had me at your theme song. While I'm eagerly awaiting Don Draper's return to prime time, this animated book is the next best thing to a double malt with Roger Sterling. I previewed the page turner on Amazon and let's just say that there's a full page spread on how to style a bouffant...with my own hair!

4. I might break my no-begging rule for this specimen. The moment I set my eyes upon this leather travel duffel from Lotuff and Clegg I think I went weak in the knees. Given my affection for not checking a bag when traveling, this would be the perfect I-can-fit-everything-in-here-and-still-look-good carry-on. I think I need this.

5. Colton and I have been dabbling in film lately and we're ready to add this beauty to our collection of gear. The 1V is Canon's greatest 35mm around and I can't wait until we have one to call our own.

6. I realize I should have read this classic far before I made it into adult life. But I haven't. And what better time to start than Christmas? I'm driving to Borders right now.

7. How do I say this... How about, I would be completely satisfied if my entire stocking included nothing more than one hundred boxes of these - the best peppermint bark ever.

8. Since moving away from Northwest I can't say I have too much use for a pair of rain boots. But these guys are CUTE! And I want them in every color so I can position them in a perfect circle like so and take pictures of them!

9. More cashmere. But this time I can wear it - all day and all night.

10. I debated whether or not it was a good idea to tell the world wide web that I really, really, really, want a bath robe. But I'm all about being honest on here and if I didn't include an extra plush terry robe in the post, then I wouldn't be truly sharing all of my favorite things with you. It's true, I really want a bath robe.

11. People, I've been waiting for this sequin fashion craze to hit since the third grade. While gold nail polish is incredible as is, add a few handfuls of the sequin's younger sister glitter and I'm over the moon with joy.

12. While I would be adequately happy with any pair of Ray Ban stunnas, I'm secretly wishing for my dad's pair - the ones he purchased in 1975 and STILL WEARS.

13. And the last jewel in this collection is a bottle of Kiehl's hand lotion. My skin gets extra dry in the winter months and the fact that this formula is infused with none other than my favorite citrus, the grapefruit, definitely means it's the hand salve for me.

Happy Weekend!