Packing and Beach Houses :: Personal

We’re moving. Technically we’re supposed to be moving but the thought of packing up my entire life and watching it drive away in a 16ft. trailer sounds slightly morbid. I’ll be the first to say that my methods of handling stress aren’t the most efficient. I first noticed it in college when instead of, say, studying for the final that would constitute three quarters of my overall grade, I would stop, everything. I would leave my desk and all of its study materials and run for the living room where I watched marathons of Law and Order, HGTV, and Shake Weight infomercials. Anything, really, to avoid the nauseating emotions associated with my impending test.

And quite frankly, not much has changed. We’ve known about this move for almost a month but for some reason we’ve gone to great lengths to avoid buying boxes, taking down curtains, or even accomplishing the little details like finding a new place to live. Which is why this week we’ve decided to change our plans. Instead of watching our lives drive away in a big yellow Penske truck, we will instead be throwing everything we own into the storage unit down the road. We’ve rented a beach house and we’re planning on living out of a suitcase for the next six months. Six months. One suitcase.

But we’re living in a beach house!!!

I realize that someday, most likely sooner than later, I will need to adjust my stress management skills. But this time it seems to have worked out for us and in honor of this good news I’m going to continue to avoid packing just like I avoided studying for important Biomechanics finals in college. By doing completely ridiculous things like having my change jar counted at the bank.

Happy Monday!