Adam and Karin :: Marterella Winery + Vineyard

The truth of the matter is that my husband has noticeably handsome friends. And these handsome friends of his happen to choose absolutely stunning girls to spend the rest of their lives with. When Adam and Karin asked about the possibility of doing a day after session I distinctly remember appearing overtly eager for their business as I leaped across couches and ran through living rooms to brainstorm ideas with Karin. People, I do crazy things when I get excited about taking pictures. Crazy, crazy things. We spent our afternoon at Marterella Winery + Vineyard in Warrenton and I could not have been more excited about the location. It's always a little risky committing to a venue before seeing it, but Marterella exceeded every hope and expectation we had. The rolling hills of grape vines, the flawless afternoon light, the intriguingly beautiful couple. It's almost as if it was all a dream. A dream I'd rather not wake up from.

I'll be honest, these pictures were really, really easy to take.


Karin, something about your expression says that you're safe in Adam's arms. And happy there, as well.

I almost feel as though I shouldn't have interrupted this moment with a picture. But then again I think this is a perfect moment to be able to remember forever.

Alright, I take back everything I've said thus far. Karin, you're too gorgeous for anyone's good and I'm kinda sick with jealousy. I'm sorry but we can't be friends anymore.

Friends, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Jerry {you're gonna love him}. Jerry is the owner of the Marterella winery and he is just as wonderful as these pictures imply. After nearly a million unfruitful calls to local vineyards, Jerry was more than happy to let us traipse around his property all afternoon. During our phone conversation he even told me {and I quote}, "Why, we just love supporting newlyweds and wedding photographers!". Oh, Jerry, you're the best.

Happy Wednesday, Y'all,