A Veteran's Day Honor :: Featured

Happy Veteran's Day, Friends! Today I'm thankful for the incredible men and women who have sacrificed so much to give us this beautiful nation we call home. I am blessed to be able to call some of these individuals friends and I am genuinely in awe of their selfless desire to fight for our country. We are protected by a truly wonderful collection of military personnel.

For this reason it is such an overwhelming honor to have been featured today on two different wedding blogs recognizing our courageous veterans. A few images from Adam and Karin's day after session can be found on the new {and ohmygosh so fabulous} Washington DC wedding blog, United with Love. I am so bummed we are moving away from the area just as United with Love is launching. I know this blog is going to do great things!

And I cannot express just how humbling it is to say that the second feature of the day is on the Southern Weddings Blog. Less than a year ago I was the bride planning my own wedding and checking Southern Weddings on a twice daily basis. To be featured on this site on any day of the year would, simply put, be an absurd excitement. But to be featured on a day that is so dear to both my heart and our home truly means the world. In a word, Joe and Jill's engagement was surreal and I use all sincerity when saying that I was the lucky one to be part of such a day.

Tonight I'm cyber-hugging all of you amazing people who have so selflessly served our country. Thankyouthankyouthankyou. It is because of you that I sleep so safely at night.