Ross + Keely :: Fredericksburg Engagement

After any given shoot I walk in the door, upload images from my cards to an external hard drive, and open the files in Lightroom. I'll spend a few solid hours sorting the session's photos into different categories before selecting the images that will be used on the blog. For a typical session I like to find anywhere from 30 to 50 images to edit and prepare for the internet while another large selection of photos are to be used for the final edits. But every once and awhile I come across one of those couples.  The type of couple where just moments into my editing routine I can tell that the afternoon will look different than most. Instead of completing the usually quick process of choosing my favorite images for the blog, I'll likely be spending a few solid hours in a heated staring contest with my computer screen. I'll beg for Lightroom to flap its decisive wings and choose the best images to be showcased. Instead she'll just stare back with the dreaded smirk she all too often gives, bat her false eyelashes a few painfully exaggerated times, and smile as if to say 'Sorry, Sweetness, but this decision is allll yawrs'.

In other news, my computer speaks with a southern accent. Clearly.

And so it was with Ross and Keely. On one hand I owe them a personal note of gratitude for being exceptionally comfortable  and at ease in front of my camera. They were the type of couple who was constantly laughing, ever smiling, and incredibly happy. Their joyful natures made them a blast to photograph and even more fun to be around. My only complaint is that they made it insanely difficult to narrow down my selection of images for the blog. It's just that they were all so good! (And before you think I'm absurdly self-saturated, their goodness had nothing to do with me).

Ross and Keely, thank you for being so flexible this week as we scheduled, re-scheduled, and re-re-scheduled your shoot due to fierce rain storms, late carpet cleaners, and unexplained acts of God. Colton and I had a blast roaming the streets of Fredericksburg with you {and Danny - my new favorite Old English Sheep Dog} and we could not have been more honored to capture this exciting and beautiful time in your lives. Loads and loads and loads of thanks {and best wishes with the move to California}.

- Michelle.

This is Danny the {best} old english sheepdog.

You two are adorable. Sickeningly so at times, but adorable nonetheless.

Keely, your smile is contagious. And beautiful.

And I'll end the post with these pictures. They're fun, and funny, and make me want to be a part of Ross and Keely's world. I can't help but think it looks like a pretty wonderful place to be.

Happy Day,