Southern Weddings Magazine :: Published

I'm excited, and when I get excited I have this annoying habit of telling everyone {eeeeeeveryone} what I'm excited about. The latest issue of Southern Weddings hits newsstands today and I am, wait for it, excited to be able to say that two of my pictures are in the magazine. They're not big, or flashy, or noticeable to anyone other than my mom, dad, and the neighbor who I was excited to share the news with, but they are pictures....that I took. With my own camera. And my own hands. And my own eyes looking through my own viewfinder. This is exciting to me and while it may be a telling sign of how far I have to go to truly be featured in such a magazine, it feels like an accomplishment. A sort of indicator letting me know that I really have made progress in this adventure of running a business and doing what I love. It may also be an indicator of the fact that I am really, ridiculously, easily excitable.

Here is the half page spread of the Groom's Gallery. My pictures are the two of the handsome man dancing in the bottom row. I've looked at this page somewhere around a million times, but each time I begin to feel even an ounce of that unwarranted pride I am overcome with humility as I see my name fit snugly between A Bryan Photo and Jasmine Star Photography. Whoa.

Happy Tuesday,