Justin + Emily :: Richmond Wedding Photography

She's fun, sarcastic, totally gorgeous, and everything he wanted in a wife. He's fun, sarcastic, totally handsome, and everything she wanted in a husband. Justin and Emily shared laughs, smiles, and a hundred secret whispers as they vowed to share their lives together before their friends and family. Justin and Emily, thank you so much for letting me join you on your wedding day. I can say with full honesty that your wedding made me want to marry Colton all over again - and again and again. You share a beautiful love and I can only imagine the beautiful life you are beginning to share together. Couples like you {almost} make me want to shoot one hundred weddings a year. And for the millionth time, thank you Jessie for bringing me along. You really are wonderful.

Most. Beautiful. Bridal. Party. Ever.

Something about the following images makes me want to jump inside the picture and stay awhile.

Justin and Emily are so fun that I actually wanted to be a guest at their wedding. Given the fact that 99.99% of the time I would rather photograph a wedding than be a guest, this is a huge indication as to how wonderful these two are.

Have a wonderful night!