The Importance of Good Shoes :: Life

I'm scared I'll talk too loudly. Nervous I'll eat out of turn. Afraid I'll excuse myself from the table and walk away with the tablecloth attached to my skirt. And worried I'll forget I'm in the process of chewing my food as I burst into laughter. I get to dress up tonight and while my bedroom floor is covered in a solid layer of wardrobe options, one thing has yet to waver. Like any past bride knows, it's the shoes that make you feel fabulous.  I still have no idea what I'm wearing and I should have been in and out of the shower by now, but I'm putting all of my confidence in my shoes. I'm trusting they'll guide me, in their own time, to the perfect skirt + blouse combo. and send me secret signals through the air when I forget which fork to eat the shrimp cocktail with.

Wish me luck.