Giving Thanks :: Personal

I'm starting the Thanksgiving festivities early. The truth is that over the past few days I've felt overwhelmingly thankful for the blessings in my life. Sometimes it just hits, like standing in the middle of the road and realizing a freight truck is traveling toward you at 90 miles an hour. Or kinda like jumping into a cold lake and forgetting to plug to your nose. Sometimes it just hits and for a moment there is nothing you can do about the fact that your lungs have leaped from your body and ran for the hills.

Today I'm finding it hard to breath, in a good way. I'm overwhelmed with a to-do list that resembles one of my college research papers, yet it's all I can do to get myself from the couch to the computer. And as hard as I try to be productive, I keep finding myself staring blankly at the iMac in a soppy pool of gratitude. Among the things I'm thankful for are my family, my friends, and that boy I fell in love with nine years ago during high school track season. Since I'm better at writing lists than research papers, I'm leaving you with just a few of the reasons I'm feeling overwhelmed - overwhelmingly thankful.

- A husband who will go to any length to insure that I do what I love. (Also for a husband who buys me a Dooney and Burke bag on my birthday.)

- Friends who are insistent upon encouraging and building me up as an individual - I am truly rich because of them. (Also for friends who call from the hills of Tuscany to wish me a happy birthday - thank you, Hannah + Ashlee.)

- Parents who are not only supportive but excited about what I do. Dad, you always yelled the loudest from the soccer field sideline and you were always the most proud parent of a 4-Her, but when you offered to pay for half of my plane ticket to Maui so I could attend the 2010 Making Things Happen tour, I juuuuust about flipped. Thanks for always - alwaysalwaysalways - being proud of me.

- Good in-laws. While we're on the topic of family, I think it's important to note how thankful I am to have married into a good, strong, wonderful group of people. I've heard the horror stories of unwelcoming in-laws and bad sister-in-laws, so it brings me great joy to say that I like, reallyreallyreally like, the Cross family (especially the sisters). And Kristy, thanks for the TOMS gift certificate for my birthday - I can't wait to spend an afternoon online finding the perfect new addition to my shoe collection!

- The amazing group of photographers that make up this industry. It's weird how small the world of wedding photographers feels at times. No matter what part of the country we're located in, I see time and time again how much these people truly care for one another. You are all so supportive and encouraging as we experience this journey of running our own creative businesses. I am so, so, so honored to get to learn, grow, and be encouraged by all of you. This industry is the best!

- Being busy. I'm kind of in love - probably too in love - with the feeling of being busy. I love having work to do and I am so thankful to have it, all of it!

The above picture is the second sneak peak from the double wedding Colton and I shot last weekend. Stay tuned for the full post coming soon.

Have a great night and, well, Happy Thanksgiving!