Birthdays in Amish Country :: Personal

Because my mom didn't want to fork out the time nor money to plan an enormous birthday party every year, growing up I was able to have a real fiesta - one with friends and party hats and the limbo - every other year. On the off years I got to choose one friend to do something special with me and my family. One year we went to the circus (totally awesome), once we visited my grandma three hours away, and one time we watched the national tour of Figure Skating Champions on Ice. In other words, whether it was a party year or a Champions on Ice year, my birthdays kinda rocked. So this year it only made sense that we plan something extra fabulous for the weekend. Not so much because I'm especially enthusiastic about my birthday, but more so because we have an opportunity - an excuse, really - to do something we would otherwise have a hard time justifying.

Which is exactly why tomorrow morning Colton, Kate and I will be heading to Lancaster, PA. to check out America's largest farmer's market, eat a lifetime supply of homemade jam, and stay at an Amish bed + breakfast. Horse and buggy may not be the typical idea of a wild and cr-azy birthday party, but let's face it, Mom, neither was the circus.

I'm leaving you with the following shot from last Saturday's wedding in D.C.. It will be the first of two sneak peeks from a wedding that included one church, one reception, and two beautiful couples. Stay tuned.

Have a wonderful weekend,


P.S. Judging by how much I loved the circus birthday, there is a pretty huge chance I will be loving my Amish birthday equally as much.