Aaron + Leticia :: Washington D.C. Wedding Photography

It was 6:27pm one week before their wedding and we were meeting to do a walk through of the venue. ...And I was nervous, cripplingly nervous. Nervous that they wouldn't like me, nervous that they would want to change photographers (a week before their wedding) and nervous that they would be disappointed in asking me to join them on the most important day of their lives. But from the moment I met them on the sidewalk outside of that D.C. baptist church, I knew that this couple - er, these couples - would be a joy to work with. Aaron and Leticia share a smile that is infectious. They're the type of people who make you feel appreciated and who are insistent upon telling you they're glad to have you around. It is couples like this who make being a wedding photographer the most rewarding job in the world.

Aaron + Leticia, thank you a hundred times over for letting me join you on your beautiful adventure of a wedding day. You rocked the double wedding with style and class and I am so honored to have been able to join you on such an occasion. I hope you had an incredible time in Hawaii and I hope you made it safely back home to enjoy every sweet moment in your new life together as husband and wife!

60 years. That's how long these two have been married...60.

Leticia, you are gorgeous. No, stunning. No, gorgeously stunning.

One of my favorite portraits from the day.

Every bride should be this happy on her wedding day.

And I'll leave you with these shots from the first dance. I'm kind of in love their timeless beauty.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part II of this double wedding featuring Jacob + Chelsea.

Happy Wednesday!