On Your Birthday :: Personal

Dear Momma, I'm sitting at the kitchen island half hidden behind your laptop. You think I'm setting up Skype on your computer so that no matter where life's adventures may take Colton and me, I'll never be farther than a video chat away. But what I'm actually doing is sitting here watching you work, amazed by your strength and beauty. This morning when we walked through your garden I was admittedly miffed that you didn't pass down the genetic code for keeping things, specifically plants, alive. You were so excited to show me your aisles of basil, rows of dill, and sprawling lawns of zucchini and cucumber, yet all I could think was how beautiful you are when you smile. I know it sounds silly, but your ability to grow an out of this world garden and then cook an equally as extraordinary dinner with the fruits of your labor only solidfies my belief that you are superwoman.

Right now you're baking - another genetic trait you failed to pass down. The kitchen is filled with the buttery aromas of golden rolls and fresh dill and when you see me eyeing your masterpieces you threaten to cut my forfinger off. I know, Mom, I only get to eat the ugly ones! I also know that when you're finished you will leave two rolls at the end counter - one for me and one for dad.

I like being here, in your kitchen, and laughing to myself as you speak to your creation like it's the third person in the room. "Why are you asking for so much flour today? You sure have a mind of your own, don't you?" or "You didn't didn't take this long to raise yesterday, what makes you think I don't have places to be today? Hmmm?". But then you should be the one laughing, really, because everything you touch tastes like heaven.

So today, on your birthday, I want you to know I think you're incredible. Without fail you brighten my day with your flawless smile and your overwhelmingly warm embrace. I hope to be half the woman you are and even half as beautiful as you are. I also hope to grow just a quarter of the garden you grow (because really, I shouldn't get greedy). Thank you for being everything you are and most of all thank you for being my mom.

Happy birthday, beautiful mother. I wuv you,


P.S. That dress you bought today for Sunday's wedding looks smokin' on you. You're definitely the hottest {enter your age here} girl in town.