New Seasons + School Supplies :: Life

I'm not sure how I feel about it being September. On one hand I'm bummed that I can no longer get away with hour long pool breaks in the middle of the workday. But on the other hand I'm excited about blankets and sweaters and fires in the fireplace. While the summer months always seem to be a season of relaxation and reprieve, Fall marks the reinstallation of routine with school days and athletic teams starting up again. This part of the season change excites me. I thrive in spontaneity yet I long for routine as something I can depend on from one day to the next. This month I look forward to buying school supplies and color coding my already alphabatized files. Annoying, I know, but dependable and there when I need them. Like when Colton can't remember where he put our passports, I'll know they're in the red Important Documents file, fit snug between House Info. and Insurance. And here's a teaser of what I'm working on for tomorrow.

Have a great day,