Traveling Light :: Personal

I'll go to great lengths to avoid checking my bags when flying. I'd like to think I have some deep seeded moral obligation to travel with only what I need, but the truth is that I have the patience of a three year old and checking my bags means extending an already long and exhausting day of travel. I'm also slightly weak and the thought of lugging 50 pounds of clothes around a foreign location is somewhat demoralizing. This added to the fact that while Colton would be a true Gent and carry my bag, he'd also give me that look that says I love you, but you're annoying and I'm only taking your bag to keep you from becoming even more annoying. So, I only travel with a carry on. This afternoon I'm getting ready to head home to Oregon. In the next ten days I'll be shooting one wedding, seven portrait sessions, and a product shoot that I seeeeriously can't even wait for. Additionally, I'll be enjoying the ridiculously beautiful view of the mountains from my parent's deck, some much missed time with friends and family, and the Central Oregon summer evenings that truly cannot be beat.

Most importantly I get to snuggle with this guy, Abe. I tried, really, really, really tried to bring him to Virginia with us, but my dad kept using his puppy voice to ask Abe if he was excited to trade in his 40 acres of farmland for the 900 square feet that is our apartment. Then Abe gave me this look and I'm all "How am I supposed to say no to that?!".

I just couldn't do it. Not to this face.

Have a wonderful weekend,