Good Beer + Days Off :: Personal

It's like clockwork. Anytime I get less than five hours of sleep I will, without fail, get sick. So when I woke up at 4:15 to spend time with Colton before he left for work, I knew the day ahead would be a rough one. Fortunately for me, my beautiful friend Kate is spending the week with us and she was ohsohappy to spend an entire day snuggling on the couch watching Anne of Green Gables and drinking chamomile tea with honey. She's a good friend, I know. And because I haven't been able to take a day off for the last three weeks, I have a hunch this was God's magic plan to give me rest. ...And a totally necessary dose of some Green Gables love.

Kate's dad sent his daughter with two {amazing} bottles of Green Lakes Organic Ale from our home town. It's Colton's favorite and it was the most wonderful reminder of where we're from - and who we love.

Happy Day,