CreativeLIVE + Jasmine Star Workshop :: Photography

I really did think this post was going to be about the CreativeLIVE + Jasmine Star Wedding Workshop I'm attending this week via the internet. I had this clever* idea to take a picture of my workspace and write about the unconventional day to day work of a photographer. This was before I opened up the file of my workspace and realized that the list making, organization crazed, calculus loving left side of my brain had just been annihilated by the right brained four year old within me who was drawing on her mother's white walls with a red Sharpie marker. My desk was a disaster. The worst part of this discovery was that, truth be told, when I took the picture I actually believed my workspace was tidy. Wait, whaaa?!

So, Internet World, consider yourself lucky that even after discovering the right side of my brain has had a little too much power lately, I'm still sharing this painfully revealing photo with you. That's LOVE.

For what it's worth, I just decided that a busy desk means a busy worker.

Have a splendid night,


*My 'clever' ideas are rarely ever clever. I know this.