The Perfect Saturday :: Personal

We're not especially good at staying in a given place for any length of time. In a word, we're flighty. I've always found this ironic given the fact that we both cherish home so much, but the truth is that we are always in search of new air to breath. The rain last Saturday was a welcomed reprieve from the relentless heat that has been this Virginian summer. Colton and I saw it as an opportunity to drive West with the windows down and the music loud. After making a quick stop for the essentials - Pelligrino + those sour neon gummy worms that are most likely preservative laden enough to stay in shape for a few centuries - we hit the road. With no destination in mind we drove for hours, enjoying good company and clean air all the way. We spotted homes we wouldn't mind living in and waved at old men driving tractors. We found an old white church with a picnic table and made ourselves at home. Us, Pelligrino, gummy worms, and three rolls of 35mm film. Oh, and an extra large dose of love.

I hope your weekend is perfect.