Being a Big, Bad Loser :: Life

Fact : I'm a bad loser. In elementary school I was the girl who told the teacher you beat me by stepping outside the line in four-square. The teacher would then revoke your cheated win to crown me as the champion. In middle school if I wasn't initially awarded first chair in the concert band, I challenged you for the position. And I continued to do so until I won the seat. The first seat. In high school I saw that my Biology grade was only the third highest in the class so I stayed after school organizing the dissected frog parts in order to get that extra boost. (You really don't need to bother telling me I lost the 'being cool' portion of high school. I'm fully aware of this.) In college I developed that ridiculous habit of one-uping you. "Oh, you went skiing this weekend? That's funny because I taught people how to ski this weekend. In Alaska."....(I then apologized because we both knew I neither went skiing nor went to Alaska this weekend). And in marriage I make Colton spend the better part of our Sunday afternoons playing cribbage. We usually stop when I win. Twice.

So today, when I lost, I was bummed.

A few weeks ago I submitted a video for a live online workshop hosted by Jasmine Star and the CreativeLIVE team in Seattle. Colton and I spent one Saturday afternoon in the living room with a giant chalkboard and a lifetime supply of ideas. With each new idea we grew increasingly excited about both the prospect of our video and our newly discovered fondness for sidewalk chalk. I would by lying if I said that I wasn't bummed when the workshop winners were announced today. While Colton reminded me that, really, our videography skills were at their peak during this project (People, movies aren't my thing), his affirmations were of little consolation. He pulled that whole 'We did our best' number, and I just was NOT having it.

And that's exactly why I'm writing this.

It appears as though I need an attitude adjustment. Apparently children are supposed to grow out of their bratty need to win around age six. Unfortunately, I'm a few decades behind. So today I've decided to be thankful for a husband who wants to spend an entire Saturday afternoon drawing on a chalkboard with me.

I'm also rejoicing over the fact that because of this experience I now know how to make a paper airplane...even if it does mean I am, once again, two decades late to the party.

Happy Monday,