Sperry Loafers and Sneak Peaks :: Personal

For some reason I never saw it coming. When I fell in love with Colton I was attracted to his kind spirit, his sense of humor, and his, ahem, rugged good looks - don't get queasy yet, it gets better. In our situation rugged good looks referred to the fact that Colton's wardrobe faves were a Carhart jacket and a pair of Levis from four years prior. A slight but noticeable difference from the rugged good looks of Bradley Cooper in The Hangover. It wasn't that kind of rugged.  Regardless, I was a freshman in high school and Colton could have been wearing one of those swishy teal and purple track suits and I would have found the teen boy handsome. Love is so, so, powerful. I probably should have picked up on it earlier. He fell in love with Linen my Sophomore year of college and was crazy about the white Italian linen suit he received for Christmas of the same year. He had a mild obsession with crewneck sweaters during our Junior year and was an especially big fan of the merino wool versions we found at Banana Republic. And then, this winter, he asked for a scarf. His own scarf. Because, let's face it, mine weren't cool enough. It never truly came to fruition until we arrived in Virginia, though - almost as if Colton was simply waiting for the go-ahead from the seersucker sporting East Coast. My husband had totally gone Preppy.

Since settling in to our East Coast apartment Colton has added to our wardrobe five cotton polo shirts, two pair of darkwashed jeans, a fantastic pair of pinstriped Bermuda shorts, and my personal favorite, a perfect pair of Sperry loafers. Also a partridge in a pear tree. We're currently on the lookout for a plaid bow-tie and those Chinos with sailboats and Scottie dogs on them. ...Colton doesn't know about the Chinos, though. They may just have to subtly appear in the dresser one day. I'm alllll about the Preppy.

In honor of Colton's initiation into the Preppy Club of America (...on second thought we would never make it into that club), I'm posting a preview of last week's engagement shoot. I think the groom has especially rugged good looks - the Bradley Cooper kind.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!