Kevin & Sarah :: Weddings

It was my dream house. The turn of the century farmhouse nestled perfectly amidst an endless carpet of perfectly manicured lawn was enough to make my knees go weak. Add this to the assortment of old barns and small utility cottages and I was sold. When Jessie and I arrived at Kevin and Sarah's afternoon wedding last weekend I had no idea the venue would turn out to be the home of my dreams. While the rolling pastures and spectacular views we saw upon arrival were only a precursor to the incredible day that lay before us, I was smitten from the start. Kevin and Sarah wed in a beautiful ceremony in Leesburg last Saturday and I was so honored to join Jessica Smith in documenting the couple's special day. From the moment we entered those beautiful red doors on our way to meet the bride, I knew this wedding - and these people - would truly be something beautiful.

This guy knows how to eat a cupcake. Seriously.

This picture makes me happy. Every girl should be this excited about catching the bridal bouquet.

Congrats, Kevin & Sarah. You two really do make a perfect pair.