Ryan and Lene :: Engagement

She didn't know he had been writing the letters. When Ryan proposed to Lene last month he sat his future wife down in Bend's Drake Park and began reading a series of letters he had been drafting since the start of their relationship last summer. With tears streaming down her face Lene listened to the words of her future husband as he spoke of all the reasons he was certain he had found his True Love. On one knee Ryan slipped his great grandmother's diamond ring on Lene's petite finger and asked for her hand, and the rest of her life, in marriage. From their laughter you would never know it was raining and by her smile you would never know her pain. As Ryan, Lene and I traipsed through the Portland Pearl District last Thursday the air was filled with corny jokes, high pitched giggles, and a year's supply of mile-wide smiles. Ryan and Lene have an uncanny ability to make you feel happy. Joy seems to seep from their pores and if ever in their presence you won't stand a chance of escaping the infection of their contagious smiles. While the weather may have been true to the Portland form of rain, I could have sworn the sky was clear and the air was warm. When I heard from Lene on Monday she said that Thursday's rain was perfect for this season of their lives. That even though she missed her momma, there was still so much joy to be found in the pain.

And that's how Ryan and Lene like to roll. Where there is pain they find joy, and where there is rain they choose to smile. I have no doubt their marriage will be one of laughter, love, and an abundance of joy.

Ryan and Lene, congratulations on your engagement and thank you for letting me take your pictures. The day could not have been more perfect and you two could not have been more beautiful. You really did me the honor.

In addition to being ridiculously smart, your children are going to be beautiful. I can't even believe you two are my friends. Seeeriously.

Oh. My. Gawd. Lene you're gorgeous.

Sammy's Flowers on 11th & Glisan provided the stunning bouquet.

I think Ryan is especially good at looking handsome. Good choice, Lene.

They're so nice that they even laughed at my entirely unfunny jokes. LOVE them.

Lene and I used to be friends. Then I saw her legs and realized I didn't want to be her friend anymore. I'm totally jealous and I'm not even ashamed to admit it.

Ryan and Lene, congratulations again. You are two beautiful people who make Colton and I better people for knowing you. We are so honored to call you friends and we can. not. wait. for your wedding. Colton's been perfecting his seawalk and me? I've just been listening to lots of T.I.. That dance floor is gonna be off the hook.