Andrew & Rachel :: Wedding Preview

It's been one of those weeks. The type of week where Monday feels like Thursday and Thursday feels like thelongestdayofmylifethatneverevereverwantstoend. Fortunately it's Friday and, much thanks to the fantastic pair of J Brand Jeans I found on sale yesterday and the fancy person candle I found at Anthropologie that promised to burn for a hundred million hours and smell something like I imagine heaven smelling like one day, it looks like it's going to be a pretty terrific weekend. Phew. That mess of a sentence oddly resembles this week.

I'm off to do few more lunges in these jeans because, lets face it, you never actually find your size on sale. Before I go I'll leave this sneak peak of Andrew and Rachel's wedding from last Saturday.  I'll also wish you an extra fabulous weekend full of a million hours of sleep, sweet dreams, and painfully delicious lattes. Banana pancakes would be okay, too.

Happy Friday!